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Hello, I am Andrea Rincón, better known as Anchobee, I was born in Mexico in 1972, daughter of architects, my mother also a painter and drawing teacher, that is how art has always been part of my life.  My life took place between the great city of Mexico, the tropical Cuernavaca and the desert of San Miguel de Allende, between great urban landscapes, the exuberant nature of tropical Mexico and the beautiful vegetation and blue skies of the high desert. Now the road has taken me to Spain, and I live in El Real Sitio de San Ildefonso in Segovia, nestled between mountains and pine forests.

I have been an introverted person, and already as a child I understood that only by drawing I could express all my sensibility and relate to the world. I was also fascinated by nature, light and colour, and in a family environment where art was both work and passion, it was impossible for me not to end up being an artist.

However, my concerns and values, which have always been aimed at helping people, led me to study psychology.

But I never stopped drawing, I always felt the need to do it. Drawing accompanied me in the studio, at work, in my dreams,…, in everything. I filled up notebooks and workbooks, until I needed to find a space where I could go outside, first I shaped it into graphic design, and then into print design, developing my own brand: Anchobee designs ( you can find my designs in Society 6, Casetify, Spoonflower, or Displate products, etc.) 

It was only relatively recently that on a journey of self-knowledge, I discovered that what I really wanted to be was an illustrator, in fact I always was, but it is now that I want to devote myself to it in body and soul. Every illustration I make I return to my garden from when I was a child and I see myself painting a flower, a leaf, or a tree and I feel that there I am really me, and I want to share it with you. 

Why do I draw? Because I need it, because it makes me free and because it makes me me, it is something that is inside me and I need it to come out.

What is my visual language?  Nature and humanism, mainly from a woman’s perspective, are the main focus of my work. The abstract and the naive go hand in hand in my work. I feel that I give a small part of myself in each work. Being free is the most difficult thing in this life and with art I am free.

What is my creative process? My creative process flees from the sketch, it is impulsive but has no deadlines or limits, I like to create as the work is formed in my mind, the very stroke, the texture, the colour, the container gives life to the content. 

What techniques do I use most? Acrylic, ink and watercolour.

That’s it, you know me a little more. Welcome to my “home”.

I invite you to visit my store, in the hope that you will find something to give or give away

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