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Copia de Coloring book for adults, creative therapy for anxiety volume 2


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"An essential book for those looking to relax, alleviate anxiety, and reduce stress. With a mix of coloring pages, practical tips, and exercises, this book is designed to help distract the anxious mind while fostering creativity."
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
Pages: 106 pages
Content: Over 50 hand-drawn original coloring illustrations, motivational quotes, practical tips, and exercises
"This book will help you stay calm and focused in moments of anxiety and develop effective strategies for the future."
About the Author: "Anchobee Books was founded with the mission of providing creative tools for managing anxiety, based on Anchobee's personal experience and artistic talent. As an illustrator and someone who faces anxiety, Anchobee shares her own hand-drawn original drawings, as well as exercises and practical tips that have been useful in her struggle and quest for inner peace. With each book, Anchobee Books aims to provide emotional and practical support to those facing anxiety, offering a path to calmness through creativity and mindfulness."
Author's Note: "The tips and exercises in this book are based on my personal experience with anxiety. I offer you my hand-drawn illustrations to make your own. They have helped me through my own process, and my hope is that you find the same serenity and creativity within these pages that I found."

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