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Coloring Books

Hello! I am Anchobee, a psychologist and illustrator on a mission to navigate the intricate world of mental health through art. Raised in the vibrant chaos of an Italian family, I found solace under my bed with books and coloring pencils. Coloring became my sanctuary, a transformative practice that silenced anxiety and provided an outlet for real struggles.

In my quest for inner peace, I've explored the depths of psychology, immersed myself in literature, undergone diverse therapeutic approaches, and gathered valuable insights from an array of podcasts, among other pursuits. It is from this rich tapestry of experiences that I have meticulously crafted this body of work.

This work is a visual journey, offering therapeutic illustrations to assist others facing complex moments. Each stroke is a step towards peace, each color an ally in navigating life's challenges. Beyond a mere coloring book, it's a reflection of my experiences, inviting you to find solace and joy amidst life's ups and downs.

Join me on this universal journey!.

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